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Music Maker toy car

  • Accurately and accurately tuned 3-in-1 function: Looking for the right musical instrument for your kids with a fun bus and size sorter? You are in for a great discovery with this 3-in-1. With a well-made and rainbow-colored metal bar that produces the best tones, this colorful and robust xylophone instrument with a vibrant color bus will help your beginner musicians create the most magical sound
  • More fun and play with bus and shape source: This product is more than just a musical instrument. It is a bus with 6 size sorter to keep young minds busy with loads of fun, education and entertainment. The bus comes with a short cord for children to pull on the bus. The length of the cord is managed to be free from danger. Mallets and shapes can be stored on the bus so they can never be mistaken.
  • 100% Safe Educational XYLOPHONE For Children: Product quality is checked before sending it from the factory to ensure that it is safe for children with no sharp edges. It is very portable, so children can play indoors and outdoors. It introduces children to the world of music and gives fun shapes for learning. It helps in cultivating the coordination ability of the hands and eyes of children; Promotes a musical sense and shape recognition
  • Excellent for increasing language skills, rhythm and developing gross motor skills and balance. Improve your child’s cognitive processes, language skills, color, shape recognition, math skills, and coordination with this versatile musical animal truck, puzzle and counting pearl.


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