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Happy Fountain Speed ​​Boat Toy

  • Moveable: Speed ​​boat with 3D light rotates on the floor and changes direction when stuck with anything. It automatically changes its instructions when hit by any object or children. The boat easily goes on the floor in a straight direction but when you bend it, it will turn in another direction. This boat is very fun to make.
  • With Fountain: Speed ​​Boat is a toy adventure and unique. It has a fountain behind which works wonderfully with lights and music. The boat is attractive and eye-catching with the back fountains. Children are happy while playing with this wonderful boat.
  • Soft Music: When your child will play music and 3D light fountain boats with amusing sound, it makes a wonderful addition to children’s fun. Playing with the boat gives a real boat experience and pleasure. It adds more fun experience to the children. Soft music and a movable boat steals everyone’s attention. We bet that this boat will not only attract children towards them but will also attract the elderly.
  • Child-friendly: The Fountain Boat with 3D colored light is made of lead free, odor free and thelet free, making this gaming toy a non-toxic toy for children. We care about children and their health, therefore, we make toys with clean facilities. It is best for children above 3 years
  • Battery required: Boat powered with fountain and 3D lights and amazing music. The battery is used to play lightning and music.


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