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Girls doctor’s set


Baby Toys presenting Doctor Set With Working Medical Kit For Girls. If your kids love doctor toys then it will be amazingfor you. All medical instruments in this medical kit are working instrumentsIt is very interesting for your kids. Company made it by good quality plastic material. It is available on baby toys at

Instruments Description


It works like original syringe. Kids will learn many things fom this.


It is a medical instruments use for ear purpose. Press the button for lisht-up effect.

Staff Id Card

This doctor set includes the id card to write useful information.

Reflex Hammer

In this medical kitreflex hammer is include usedto test deeptendon reflexes. Press the button for lisht-up effect.


This mirror is the part of medical instruments used for many purposes. Press the button for lisht-up effect.


This doctor set contains thermometer for children’s development. Press the button for lisht-up effect.

Pulse Oximeter

In this set pulse oximeter include for medical use for children medical game. Press the button for lisht-up effect.


Use to check your heart beat.Press the button to activate blinkins lights & electronic heart beat sound effect.


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